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Live, In-Person Training Event Reveals:

The EXACT Formula Leveraged By The UK’s Leading Property Investor

Proven To Secure £28m Worth Of Property Deals!

Proven To Secure £28m Worth
Of Property Deals!

Discover How Essex Business Owners Can Use A Simple 4 Step Process To Acquire High Converting Clients

...Without coming off as desperate or sleezy

Watch This Video First! (Audio On!)

Discover How Essex Business Owners Can Use A Simple 4 Step Process To Acquire High Converting Clients

...Without coming off as desperate or sleezy

Watch This Video First! (Audio On!)

Guarantee Your First or Next Property Deal Is A Success

Whether you’ve decided the next 12-months will be the year you build a successful property portfolio, or you’re a seasoned investor ready to start maximising your potential…

Most investors get the ‘wrong end of the stick’ when it comes to securing deals. 

From failing to develop a deep enough understanding of how the property market works to neglecting automated systems that can help scale your business at pace…

There’s a simple fix to all your property investment troubles: 

The Property Investment Summit. 

This is a unique opportunity to not only discover what innovative strategies are working in the property market right now…

But to network with like-minded investors and get ALL of your questions answered.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It:

But Don’t Just Take 
Our Word For It:

‘Fantastic Training!’

“I have attended training events and summits in the past, including Tony Robbins UPW event, and have found this to be one of the best! Fantastic training!”


‘Inspirational & Extremely Insightful!’

“This summit has been inspirational and extremely insightful. I would recommend this for anyone despite your background or previous experiences. It is worth every second!”


‘Excellent Talk From Liam'

“Great session on creating wealth through property, excellent talk from Liam especially regarding mindset. Thanks Liam and the team!”


‘A Day Of Inspiring Opportunities’

“Absolutely amazing summit this year! Thank you so much, lots of value, a day full of inspiring opportunities from a very supportive team.”


Places Are Limited. Do NOT Miss Out:

Places Are Limited. 
Do NOT Miss Out:

Your Property Investment Summit Host

Liam grew up knowing great hardship and decided very early on that his life wouldn't be about 'making do.' From making pocket money by selling sweets in the school playground, he developed a growth mindset that helped him create multi-million-pound businesses that have taken him all around the world.

With Assets For Life, the proof for Liam's Property Freedom Formula is self-evident. Since starting the company in 2015, he has raised over £9m in joint venture finance, enabling him to add £28m worth of properties to the portfolio.

Aside from his career as a serial entrepreneur, Liam’s true passion is educating others to achieve the same success that he is enjoying now. Liam is popularly regarded as one of the best property trainers in the UK. A brilliant public speaker and an A1 motivator.

Your Property Investment Summit Host

Phil is known among his peers as a the solution focused, multiple business entrepreneur, a family man, with a passion for extreme sport.
Phil's experience includes being a professional investor, developer, trainer and former Estate Agent with experience from the corporate and independent agency markets.
His ability to communicate and support his clients and peers, comes from decades of experience in an impressive range of fields including: Motivational & Public Speaking, Finance/Brokerage, Aesthetics Business Consultation, Accountancy, Property Investment, Property Investment Training, Classic Car Racing, Speed Boat Racing, and Flight Instructor.
Amongst these areas of expertise, Phil is also well connected in the UK with a large community of professionals and investors.

Your Property Investment Summit Host

If anyone knows what it takes to go from pupil to pro in the world of property - it’s Rob Tuck, who overcame years of adversity to become a self-made property entrepreneur.

Rob's journey began when he left school at the age of 16 to pursue his passion for golf, but he found himself working in a golf shop for minimum wage at the age of 23. 
Determined to change his life, Rob began educating himself in property investment.

Within two years, he owned or managed over 100 rooms, earning the nickname "Bungalow Rob" due to his ability to buy and sell seaside bungalows. 
Since establishing himself as an expert property investor, Rob has gone on to create his own sourcing business and share stages around the world with legends like Jordan Belfort, Robert Kiyosaki, Nick Vujcic, and Les Brown as a motivational speaker.
Now, Rob is here to show you that with determination, resilience, and the right set of skills, anyone can become a property investor in 2023.

What To Expect From The Property Investment Summit

  • How to create a highly profitable property business in bite-sized chunks and make consistent profit year after year
  • How to invest in property with no money down strategies like Multi lets, Rent-to Rent, Serviced Accommodation, Commercial Developments, & more
  • ​How to plan your property journey, skyrocket your confidence, and build a legacy to pass down to generations (even if you have no experience!)

A Lifetime of Investment Experience Packed Into 8 Life-Changing Hours:

A Lifetime of Investment Experience Packed Into

Session 1:

The first session covers the fundamentals of property investing and will act as the foundation stone for your property journey in 2023 and beyond. 

Session 2:

After lunch, you’ll learn how to create or scale your property business at pace with proven automated systems leveraged by the UK’S most elite investors. 

Session 3:

During the final session, you’ll discover how to implement ‘The Property Freedom Formula’ into your business to generate more profits, freedom, and success.

Reserve Your Seat Now To Unlock An Exclusive Bonus

"The 11 Steps On How To Buy Property & Thrive In A Volatile Market."

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Although this is a free event, we understand that travel costs are not, and your time is precious. If you do not walk away from this training with valuable skills, we’ll refund your travel costs - no questions asked.

Who Is This Event For?

  • ​If you’re new to property, and you’ve no idea where to begin when it comes to investing in property or sourcing deals.
  • ​​If you’re an established investor and want to ensure that your property business is fully scaled to your size and expected growth. 
  • ​If you’ve not yet implemented or seriously considered building any assets, and could use some insight into how to start and what to do.
  • ​If you’re finding yourself going through periods of feast and famine when finding new deals, investors or tenants for your rooms, and you need to establish an automated system that generates a consistent profits (without over committing yourself).
  • ​ If you’re already applying some sort of property strategy such as rent-to-rent, HMO's or commercial conversions as a part of your business, but you know there's room for improvement.

Here's Ordinary People Achieving Extraordinary Results:

Neil & Jacqui Dobson

44 Property Deals Making Over £140k 
Net Profit Per Year

Kevin De Souza

£6.5M Residential New Build Development

Hadjar Beyaz

77 Property Deals Making Over £300k 
Net Profit Per Year

Shaun Bartle

2 Deals & Over £150k Raised in JV Finance

Places Are Limited. Do NOT Miss Out:

Places Are Limited.
Do NOT Miss Out:

All Your Questions Answered

 What's The Date & Time Of The Event?

Our events team is currently working hard to arrange our next Property Investment Summit. Use the buttons on this page to register your interest and be the first to hear about our upcoming events!

 What Do I Need To Bring?

This is a jam-packed event filled with actionable content - make sure you bring a notepad and pen to write it all down!

 Why Is Attendance Free?

I remember a time when things weren’t going well for me. I needed help and reached out to somebody who guided me in my time of need. Since that day, I’ve made it my mission to be ‘that person’ for others. This free training is my way of helping ambitious investors exceed their goals. 

 Is This Right For Me?

This training is for anyone interested in learning more about property investment and what strategies generate the highest ROI. 

It does not matter if you’re completely new to investing or an experienced investor looking to gain new skills and connections with like-minded entrepreneurs.

EVERYONE is welcome at The Property Investment Summit! 

 Can I Bring A Friend?

Absolutely! Due to limited space, we recommend that you register them in advance by sharing the registration link you will find in your welcome email.

Last-minute sign-ups will be available at the door if space permits. 

All Your Questions Answered

 Where Is The Event Happening?

Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London, SW7 4LH

 What Do I Need To Bring?

This is going to be one jam packed event filled with actionable content - make sure you bring a notepad and pen to write it all down!

 Why Is Attendance Free?

I remember a time when things weren’t going well for me at all. I needed help and reached out to somebody. That somebody gave me the help I needed right at the point I needed it most. Since that time I have always done the best I can to be that somebody for other people in need of help. Let me be that somebody for you. One of the greatest achievements for me these days is seeing others grow from what they have learnt at The Property Investment Summit. 

I absolutely love training, teaching, motivating and inspiring people to achieve. But it’s not as simple as that. At every event we hold, we always meet future Joint Venture partners. So as we see and facilitate the individual growth of others we are at the same time fuelling our own growth, our own success. The more successful we are, the more success we are able to pass on to others.

 Can I Bring A Friend?

Absolutely! You can bring friend on the day and they can register at the event reception but we always recommend, due to limited space, that you get them registered in advance by sharing the registration link that you will find in your welcome email.

Join Us For The The Property Investment Summit...

Come learn the proven property strategies from Liam Ryan in this in-depth training event that teaches you how to use The Property Freedom Formula, The Bulletproof system that anybody can use to start, scale and grow a property business...

The same formula as used by Liam and his business partner Jay, to personally raise over £9m of joint venture funding and secure £28m worth of property deals in the UK.

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